Lithos Capital is a tokenized closed-end fund seeking to invest in companies that stand to benefit from the increased adoption of technologies that inhibit or reduce negative environmental impacts while offering a monthly return of investment. This includes companies involved in renewable energy production, energy storage, smart grid implementation, residential/commercial energy efficiency, and/or the production and provision of pollution-reducing products and solutions.

We focus heavily on the energy storage subsector and thus in lithium since it is the most important element for manufacturing energy-saving batteries, and demand for these components will skyrocket with the growing adoption of electric vehicles and green- energy grids.

Beneficial for the environment

Lithium is a key component in green energy storage technologies and is rapidly becoming a metal of vital importance to lower our dependency on fossil fuels.

Lithium-ion batteries

Renewable energies, mobile devices and electric vehicles cannot work without rechargable lithium-ion batteries, and demand for these is on the rise.

Rising lithium price

Lithium demand is projected to triple by the year 2025 according to a recent report by Goldman Sachs and for many analysts it is even considered the new oil.

Tokenized closed-end fund

Lithos Capital is offering exposure to lithium and clean energy markets via Lithos coin [LIC], a token built on the Ethereum blockchain, which brings more security, transparency and accessibility.

Double profitability

Lithos coin holders can benefit in two ways: From the increase in the coin price per se, and a profit distribution sent monthly to the Ethereum addresses providing liquidity to the ETH-LIC market pair.


For more information regarding our business model, lithium market conditions, ICO structure and legal inquiries, please download our whitepaper by clicking here.
Year Price Price (Inflation Adjusted) Change
2018$ 16500$ 1650045%
2017$ 9100$ 9318.418%
2016$ 7475$ 7830.4513%
2015$ 6500$ 6965.722%
2014$ 5050$ 5417.2213%
2013$ 4390$ 4784.584%
2012$ 4220$ 4668.298%
2011$ 3870$ 4371.01-12%
2010$ 4350$ 5070.37-4%
2009$ 4530$ 5364.662%
2008$ 4440$ 5237.0520%
2007$ 3530$ 4321.9134%
2006$ 2320$ 2919.9937%
2005$ 1460$ 1896.39-18%
2004$ 1720$ 2310.0610%
2003$ 1550$ 2137.94-3%
2002$ 1590$ 2243.560%

Focused on profit distribution from fund performance.
Hard Cap: $50,000,000 USD / Total Supply: 70,000,000 LIC
Initial coin price: 1 LIC = 1 USD

Funds Distribution

Lithium assets - 85%

Reserve - 10%

Operations - 4%

Legal - 1%

Token Allocation

Public Sale - 71%

Discount bonus - 18%

Bounty program - 11%

Recent news about Lithos Capital, the lithium markets and the latest innovations in the renewable energy sector.